Who is Reedannland?

Reedannland was named using the middle names of the owners: Alan REED Raun and Dorothy ANN Raun.  Reedannland.

Reedannland is primarily a breeding and training operation that sells trained stock – generally as 2, 3 & 4 year olds.  Reedannland’s equine operation began in 1951 with Hackneys.  In the 1960’s, we also became known as an American Saddlebred operation.

We stand stallions proven to pass on desirable genetic traits.  We complement our stallions with a broodmare band containing many who were or have already produced winners in the show ring.

We train both for ourselves and customers.

Zach Wood runs the breeding operation.  Joel Dorginac heads the under Saddlebred training operation.  Jamie Medina specializes in the Harness Division with Hackneys and Saddlebreds.

Come see Doc and Dotty and the horses of Reedannland.